WetBrush Go Green Curl Detangling Brush

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The ultimate shape-shifting brush from WetBrush. This very unique brush has been specially designed with flexible brush head strips that bend and contour to any hair type, length and condition. This customizable “give” makes this brush especially gentle as it flows with the natural shape and path of the hair, detangling without any pain. This means less brushing effort and potential breakage. The amount of give each brush head strip provides will depend on how tangled the hair is, as well as its condition and thickness. Regardless, it is an incredibly gentle brushing experience.

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Brush head sections make this brush ideal for curly hair types as they gently caress the hair, enhancing the natural shape of all curls and waves. Simply section hair and brush so all hair is styled. More suited for use on wet or damp hair.

Part of WetBrush’s Go Green™ collection, a more sustainable way of brushing. The entire brush is made of fully biodegradable plant starch that will naturally break down in a landfill.

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