Curls simplified

About The Curl Collective

The Curl Collective aims to simplify the Curly Girl Method & support you on your journey.

Start immediately with ready-made kits curated especially for your hair type.

Try many high quality products before you commit to buying the full size product, all strictly Curly Girl Method Approved.

Shipped to your door, nationwide.


“The Curl Collective was born from my own experience of starting the Curly Girl Method.

It was so overwhelming, I didn’t know where to begin. I couldn’t stand the waste of buying full sized products that just didn’t work for me. I realised I wasn’t alone in these challenges.

My goal was to create a place where you don’t have to check the ingredients because you know everything is approved.

Where you can buy everything you need, specifically for YOUR curl type in one place, with one shipping fee; and where you don’t have to spend a small fortune buying expensive full-sized products in order to find your ‘holy grail’.

I wanted you to be able to choose a specially curated STARTER KIT and have the freedom to BUILD YOUR OWN BOX and try the products you’ve always wanted to.

Most importantly, I wanted to create a personalised service where you feel completely supported on your journey.”

Your time is precious! No more guesswork and endless research. We only offer products that are strictly Curly Girl Method Approved.

Take our specially designed quiz to find out your hair type, then let us do the work, or create your own box with our recommendations! We'll deliver your personalised box to your door.

Try products to find the one that's perfect for you, before you commit to buying the full size. Shop from a wide variety of products, to suit your budget.

We're here for support, questions and guidance! You don't have to do it alone.

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Curls simplified


High quality products, all strictly Curly Girl Method Approved.
Curls, simplified.

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