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    The Perfect Year End Gift.

    Delivered gift wrapped with a personal hand written note.

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    The Perfect Year End Gift For Curly Kids.

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    Smooth, shape, define and detangle hair with the Denman Classic Noir Medium Styling Brush 7 Row. Featuring sculpted nylon pins and a half-rounded shape for added grip and control, this brush is ideal for styling hair, detangling and giving definition to curls.
    • Hygienic and durable
    • Ergonomic handle for balance and comfort
    • Anti-static natural rubber pad for extra grip and control
  • Wetbrush Mini Shine Enhancer

    Meet the Mini Shine Enhancer, Black – a shrunken Shine Enhancer that is even cuter, smaller and more perfect for life on-the-go. All the shine-boosting benefits in a small-but-mighty package.

    The detangling brush that brings out your hair’s natural shine. A small design that lets you bring it wherever you go so you always look amazing. Great for kids too.

    • Natural boar bristles distribute natural oils to leave hair shiny and smooth
    • Exclusive, ultra-soft IntelliFlex:® bristles glide through tangles with ease
    • Minimizes pain and protects against split ends and breakage
    • Small size for convenient storage and travel
    • Great for small children
    • Perfect for use with dry shampoo
  • wet brush shine enhancerwet brush shine enhancer
    • Detangles hair and brings natural shine.
    • Detangles with less force and less damage.
    • Made from natural boar and exclusive IntelliFlex bristles.
  • R259.00

    The ultimate shape-shifting brush from WetBrush. This very unique brush has been specially designed with flexible brush head strips that bend and contour to any hair type, length and condition. This customizable “give” makes this brush especially gentle as it flows with the natural shape and path of the hair, detangling without any pain. This means less brushing effort and potential breakage. The amount of give each brush head strip provides will depend on how tangled the hair is, as well as its condition and thickness. Regardless, it is an incredibly gentle brushing experience.

  • R80.00

    Little brush for big results – the detangler for life on-the-go.

    An eco-friendly brush range made of 100% PLA (polylactic acid), a biodegradable and sustainable plant-based bioplastic derived from corn starch. Design inspired by the natural shape of the Monstera Leaf.

    WetBrush Mini Go Green Detangler. This brush features all the aspects of the full-sized detangler but in a small, on-the-go, pocket-sized version. Great for kids. Brush with less force for less damage.

    All the Benefits – shrunken down version of the standard-sized detangler, without compromising the brushing experience.

    Small Footprint – pocket-sized for detangling on the go.

  • R55.00

    Small, hand-held keychain brush that is super easy to take with you for quick styling touch-ups. Sophisticated jewel tones add charm and class to any brush collection. Compact design made with the same exceptional quality as their brush counterparts. Simply throw into a bag or attach to a set of keys and you’re set.

    Available in Rose Gold and Teal

  • Wetbrush pro Customizable Curl DetanglerWetbrush pro Customizable Curl Detangler

    Meet Wet Brush’s Custom Care DIY Curl Detangling Brush. Specifically designed for curly hair, this brush allows you to add and remove bristle rows to tailor your detangling to your unique curl pattern.

  • R235.00

    Protect-your-do duo – a pack that includes the Original Detangler + Shower Cap

    With a revolutionary detangling brush and a deluxe shower cap, this kit has all you need to make your style last.

    The Style Saver Kit that protects your do by detangling and care for the day after. Double the protection and ditch the disasters.

    How you brush your hair is the key to strong and healthy hair and the single most overlooked step in hair care. Hair is weakest when wet and pulling it can snap it like a rubber band.

    The Original Detangler protects hair and does not snag it. It gently loosens knots without pulling or breaking hair. With this kit you can now protect your blowout too.

    The Shower Cap is luxuriously made from a moisture-proof fabric and extends your style by protecting the hair from moisture.

  • WetBrush Triple Edge Brush & Comb Styler for EdgesWetBrush Triple Edge Brush & Comb Styler for Edges

    Multi-functional edge brush for keeping the hairline and fly-aways in place. Keeps edges and fringes smooth for natural, relaxed and braided styles. Create detail and definition.

  • WetBrush Wide Tooth Detangling Comb for Curly HairWetBrush Wide Tooth Detangling Comb for Curly Hair

    This wide tooth comb gets right to the scalp to gently detangle hair. Its oversized design makes it ideal for any hair length or texture. Safe for use with treatments.

  • Denman style styling brush

    Denman Equivalent Styling brush, 5 Row (Travel Size)

  • denman equivalent 7 row brush

    The long awaited “Denman Type” 7 Row Brush is BACK.

    Its uniquely designed bristles are heat resistant and leaves hair shiny and voluminous.

  • denman equivalent 9 row brush

    The long awaited “Denman Type” 9 Row Brush is BACK.

    Its uniquely designed bristles are heat resistant and leaves hair shiny and voluminous.

  • R135.00

    Shower-friendly, hangable design, plus detangling without breakage or pain.

    Gently detangles while distributing conditioning treatments evenly in the shower. Designed without a cushion for easy cleaning and air drying. Easy to rinse and keep clean.