• kristin ess shampoo Sale

    * 50ml Sample Size (not in original packaging)

    Kristin Ess Moisture Rich Curl Shampoo gently cleanses without stripping, has good slip and creates a super-rich lather to make wash day a pleasure. This formula is cruelty-free, colour and keratin safe, and free of sulfates, parabens and phthalates.


  • kristin ess jelly purple shampoo africa sample Sale

    * 50ml Sample Size (not in original packaging)

    The One Purple Shampoo is great for toning blondes and brunettes and is also sulphate-free, which can be a hard combo to find. If you like ashy or pastel lavender tones, you can use this every time you shampoo. If you like neutral tones, use it only when needed to cut brass. Use this with or without the one purple conditioner on natural or color-treated hair.


  • R95.00

    These face wash wristbands are made of soft microfibre, and effectively prevent water from running down your arms while washing your face.

    • Multi-use: These towelling wristbands are perfect for many daily activities, such as washing face, makeup, doing housework, doing yoga, doing sports, etc., can absorb moisture and sweat, and can also be used as a hair tie.
  • R195.00

    Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils Magic Mend Acai and Honey Thermal Repair Masque is formulated to help strengthen, shine, smooth and reconstruct dull, brittle hair, while also helping to prevent and reverse shedding. This conditioning masque is an excellent moisture and conditioning therapy for all hair types and textures.


  • thermal deep conditioning treatment capthermal deep conditioning treatment cap

    BonBon is a microwavable deep conditioning heat cap.

    • Eco Friendly – Handmade with all natural materials
    • Reversible and Reusable
    • Easy to use – Salon quality treatments in your home
    • For all hair types and textures
    • Produces enough heat for a 20-45 minute treatment
    • No cords, No fuss – Freedom to move about while deep conditioning your hair

  • Bounce Curl South Africa Avocado Rose Clump and Define CreamBounce Curl South Africa Avocado Rose Clump and Define Cream

    Bounce Curl Avocado & Rose Clump & Define Cream is a multi-purpose luxurious leave-in cream that can lightly hold & soften your hair at the same time. It can provide voluminous hair & feel light weight.

    Ingredients include 10 exotic oils from the Middle East, North Africa & the Mediterranean areas: Organic black seed oil, avocado, Egyptian abyssinian oil, Moroccan rose, argan oil & more! It is concentrated; you will only need to use a small amount to get great results! This jar is going to last you a while!


    The scent is an addictive aroma with subtle notes of exotic fruits, balanced with a lush and luxurious blend of white jasmine and magnolia flowers, finished with sandalwood and vanilla.


  • Bounce Curl South AfricaBounce Curl South Africa

    This deep conditioning treatment creates super soft hair. Protein Free. Enriched with India’s finest herbs, extracts, & oils such as amla, brinjal & shikakai. Lightweight oils like baobab will nourish & create soft tresses without weighing down hair!

    • Moisturizes hair the most out of all Bounce Curl conditioners. 
    • Conditioning ingredients provide improved high-level hair detangling.
    • Infuses oils onto the hair.
    • Can be used as a bi-weekly or monthly treatment.
  • Bounce Curl South AfricaBounce Curl South Africa Out of Stock

    A complete wash & style kit for curly hair. This money-saving kit contains the following travel size products:

    • Bounce Curl Gentle Clarifying Shampoo (2 oz)
    • Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner (2 oz)
    • Avocado clump & define cream (2 oz)
    • Light Hold Gel (2 oz)
  • Bounce Curl Styling Brush South Africabounce curl styling brush south africa


    Introducing an exceptional custom-made brush crafted from bio-based materials, specifically designed to enhance your waves, curls, and coils. This innovative 3-in-1 brush not only effortlessly smoothes your hair, but also creates well-defined clumps while preventing frizz. By utilizing this brush during your styling routine, you can also achieve flawless results by wrapping your hair around the handle, resulting in elegant ringlets. Additionally, the handle features a sleek texture that doubles as a tool for creating perfectly straight, parted lines in your hair.

    • Employ the brush’s lateral edges to effectively divide and effortlessly,  eliminating frizz and promoting smoothness.

    • Eco-friendly bio based composition

    • Vegan boar bristles delicately placed on rounded tips.

  • Bounce Curl Defining Butta South AfricaBounce Curl Defining Butta South Africa

    Introducing the Bounce Curl Defining Butta, tailored for Kinky-Coily Type 4a-4c or exceptionally thick hair. This versatile cream is perfect for twist-outs, wash & gos, and protective styles. It moisturizes and provides a light to medium hold, all in one product.

    Infused with premium oils and butters like murumuru butter, baobab oil, and mango butter, it nourishes and hydrates your hair. Experience the transformative power of our Defining Butta, elevating your natural hair and styling options.

  • Bounce Curl South AfricaBounce Curl South Africa clarifying shampoo

    Bounce Curl Level 1 Light Moisture (For daily use)

    Pomegranate & Pumpkin Enzyme Gentle Clarifying shampoo thoroughly cleanses all hair types & gives hair light moisture.

    • Gently cleanses hair the most out of the 3-moisture-level shampoo system.
    • Pomegranate & Pumpkin Enzymes can revitalize the scalp.
    • Foam/Suds/Lather-High
    • Packed with organic black seed oil, enzymes, pro-vitamin B5, biotin, rosemary, nobilis flower & many more herbal plant extracts & scientifically-made ingredients that can boost hair bounce.


    100% Oil Scent. Revitalizing citrus aroma creates a sense of well-being that can permeate spirit, mind, and body.

  • Bounce Curl Hair Spray South AfricaBounce Curl Hair Spray South Africa Out of Stock

    Bounce Curl Alcohol-free Hair Spray is a medium-to-strong hold hair spray.

    Infused with a holding copolymer, Organic Black Seed Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Sage Extract & Boswellia Carterii Oil. This hair spray is perfect for use at any time of year, and works well in the humid environments of summer. Our ultra-fine mister distributes hair spray evenly, but remember that you only need two or three spritzes (sprayed 6 inches from your hair) to get a good result. Using the right amount of Bounce Curl Hair Spray means you will get the right hold without having to use lots of product! This hair spray gives you a big bang for your buck because it will last you a long time.


    The scent is a romantic aroma with subtle notes of fruits, balanced with a lush and luxurious blend of white jasmine and magnolia flowers, finished with sandalwood and vanilla.

  • Bounce Curl Hydra Drench Cleansing Conditioner, South AfricaBounce Curl Hydra Drench Cleansing Conditioner, South Africa

    Level 3 Extra Moisture. Protein Free (For daily use)

    • Introducing our Level 3 moisture cleanser, the Bounce Curl Hydra Drench Cleansing Conditioner, specially designed for exceptionally parched hair. It is a co-wash that gently cleanses and conditions hair, infusing it with the nourishing properties of organic aloe and rosemary. Experience the dual action of hydration and purification in one convenient product.

    Hair texture: Medium & coarse.

    Hair pattern: Wavy, curly, & coily

  • Bounce Curl South AfricaBounce Curl South Africa Creme Gel

    Bounce Curl lightweight styling hair gel is infused with extracts of amazing ingredients. This product also contains a holding ingredient to help define curls. It is mostly a gel with a little bit of cream. 80% Gel and 20% cream. It will leave your hair feeling weightless and it will lock your curl shape for a long time, reducing frizz. This light formula will not weigh down your hair and it will allow you to create volume.  Black seed oil is one of the secret middle eastern oils that has been used by my family and I for many years & this gel is infused with it.

    This hair gel does not mix with ALL hair brands. Mixing it with Bounce Curl products will get you the best results.


    Addictive scent with subtle notes of exotic fruits, balanced with a lush and luxurious blend of mango and pineapple.

     *Our cleansers & hair perfume have a 100% oil scent. Our stylers have a man-made fragrance that is made by our Founder. The man-made fragrance consists of scientifically tested ingredients & half of them are oils that are extracted from plants.

  • Bounce Curl Moisture Balance Leave-In Conditioner, South AfricaBounce Curl South Africa

    Ultra-concentrated, powerful leave-in conditioner (primer & styling cream) designed to provide deep nourishment. Infused with 5 Ancient Eastern Mediterranean oils including: Egyptian Neroli oil, jojoba, olive, fenugreek, argan oil & more. This luxurious leave-in can be used for every wash & go and can be applied as a primer underneath any hair products to achieve extreme moisture balance & daily protection. It is concentrated; you will only need to use a small amount to get great results!

  • Bounce Curl South AfricaBounce Curl South Africa

    Bounce Curl Super Smooth Conditioner is a lightweight creamy conditioner that will lightly hydrate your hair.  The first ingredient in this amazing conditioner is organic aloe. Infused with an oil & extract blend to help lightly moisturize hair without weighing it down.

    Protein Free. Required moisture.


    100% oil scent. Revitalizing citrus aroma creates a sense of well-being that permeates spirit, mind, and body.

  • Bounce Curl South Africa Turmeric Hair Detox Mask

    Did you know that your conditioner and other hair products can build up over time on your hair and scalp? Most conditioners have a cationic ingredient which sits in the pores of the hair to create soft hair. This builds up over time and can leave hair with less volume and even affect how other hair products might work.  A hair detox can rid hair of suffocating buildup while nourishing the scalp. That is why we created our Hair Detox mask!

    Turmeric Hair Detox Mask has a jelly-like consistency with antioxidant ingredients such as organic apple cider vinegar, charcoal, turmeric, & green tea that will help remove buildup from hair. Use as a bi-weekly or monthly treatment.

    • Apple cider vinegar is known to restore the natural pH of the acid mantle, which then can calm the outer layer of hair. This can flatten the cuticle, resulting in hair that shines! Hair will be less prone to tangling and hair frizz will be reduced.
    • Bounce Curl Hair Detox Mask can be used on a dry scalp for 15 minutes prior to washing hair or used as a full hair & scalp detox.
    • Apple cider vinegar is known to have natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, which makes it pretty effective in blasting away and preventing flake-causing yeast on the scalp.
  • R675.00

    Need personalised advice?

    We’re here to help. Book a 50 minute consult and receive a personalised routine, product recommendations, styling tips and more!


    You’ll also get unlimited access to all our online private personalised guides, which include Step-by-step instructions, sample routines, and FAQ’s.

  • curlsmith bond curl rehab salve south africa

    • Powerful treatment to repair & strengthen hair

  • Curlsmith_Strength-Foam_8oz-F

    Soft Hold Protein-enriched Volumizing Foam


    Gentle protein-enriched shampoo

    Curlsmith Core Strength Shampoo is a protein-enriched gentle shampoo suitable for frequent washes. Its sulphate-free cleansing system is colour-safe and gently melts away dirt and build-up, leaving the scalp clean and refreshed. Enriched with proteins at low dosage, it can be used frequently without the risk of protein overload. Balancing protein-rich and moisturizing products in your routine is key to healthy, strong hair. The more damaged and porous your hair is, the more protein-rich products you should use.


    Medium Hold Styling Gel for any curl type

    Curlsmith Curl Defining Styling Soufflé is a moisturizer AND a styling gel all in one! This lightweight jelly brings definition, bounce and medium hold to your curls. It creates a slight “cast” on the curls, which traps moisture inside and gives definition. This will feel slightly hard to the touch while the curls are drying, but once they are completely dry you just need to gently “scrunch” your hair upwards to break the cast and reveal soft, defined curls.

  • Curlsmith High Definition Curls 3 step system south africa

    2in1 shampoo and conditioner that gently cleanses hair without stripping it of natural oils.

  • Curlsmith Double Cream Deep Quencher South Africa

    Moisturising Deep conditioner for any curl type

    Curlsmith Double Cream Deep Quencher is a deep conditioner created specifically for ultra dry and dull hair. This nourishing mask has a thick, buttery texture, which will deliver intense moisture without weighing hair down. It will melt onto every strand, leaving curls shiny, silky-soft and completely transformed. It is super charged with Andiroba and Resurrection Flower, rare ingredients specifically handpicked to nourish and quench thirsty locks.

  • Curlsmith South Africa Effortless WavesCurlsmith South Africa Effortless Waves Sale

    Travel Size Wave Enhancing Styling Spray

    A lightweight styling spray providing hold and definition to wavy hair without the crunch, while helping to reduce frizz.
  • curlsmith south africa essential moisturecurlsmith south africa essential moisture Out of Stock


    Set includes:

    • Travel Size Gentle moisturizing shampoo, 88ml

    Gently cleanses hair, designed for all curl types, even straight hair.

    • Travel Size Light Hydrating Conditioner, 88ml

    Lightweight everyday rinse-out conditioner that delivers hydration and weightless moisture.

  • Curlsmith South Africa Essential Moisture CleanserCurlsmith South Africa Essential Moisture Cleanser

    • Travel Size Gentle moisturizing shampoo

    Gently cleanses hair, designed for all curl types, even straight hair.
  • Curlsmith South Africa Essential Moisture ConditionerCurlsmith South Africa Essential Moisture Conditioner

    Travel Size Light Hydrating Conditioner

    Lightweight everyday rinse-out conditioner that delivers hydration and weightless moisture.

    Medium Hold Protein-enriched Styling Cream

    Curlsmith Feather-Light Protein Cream is a protein-enriched styling cream that provides medium hold and definition for any curl type. The Protein Cream is the perfect one-and-done styler. It combines the hold technology of gels with the moisture properties of creams, making any curl type bouncy and elastic.

    Balancing protein-rich and moisturizing products in your routine is key to healthy, strong hair. The more damaged and porous your hair is, the more protein-rich products from our Strength Recipes you should use.

  • Curlsmith Frizz Rescue Finishing Serum South AfricaCurlsmith Frizz Rescue Finishing Serum South Africa
    Unique oil-to-gel serum used as a finishing product to help tame frizz providing shine and control.

    Add shine, tame frizz, and break that gel cast with Curlsmith’s Frizz Rescue Finishing Serum.

    The unique finishing serum is perfect for those looking to achieve a polished, finished look. Simply apply it to your dry hair as a finisher, and watch as it transforms into a nourishing and smoothing balm that tames frizz by 65% for up to 72 Hrs* and provides a glossy shine. With its non sticky formula, our serum provides frizz control while maintaining your hair’s natural movement and bounce. Not only does the finishing serum add shine and promotes healthy hair, but also leaves behind a delightful fusion of papaya, mangoes, citrus, and aloe. You’re sure to fall in love with the way it accentuates your curls, leaving them looking and feeling their best.


    Can be used on all curl and texture types but a little goes a long way for finer hair!

  • Curlsmith Thickening Lotion South AfricaCurlsmith Thickening Lotion Out of Stock
  • Curlsmith Hair Makeup temporary hair colour South africaCurlsmith Hair Makeup temporary hair colour South africa Out of Stock

    Temporary Hair Colour For Wavy, Curly and Coily Hair

    Curl styling gel and a temporary colour all in one. It’s like makeup for hair – it won’t dye it but just coat it with a vibrant pop of colour. All the fun, none of the damage!

  • R655.00

    Soft Hold Styling Cream for Wavy and Curly hair

  • curlsmith south africa hydro style flexi jelly

    Strong hold gel for all hair types

  • Curlsmith In Shower Style Fixer Gel South Africa

    Strong Hold Styling Gel for Curly and Coily Hair

    Curlsmith In-Shower Style Fixer is a super strong hold Styling Gel which will give extreme definition to your curls and coils. This gel has been engineered to work best on soaking wet hair: apply it straight after your regular wash routine to lock in the moisture from the water. You can even keep it in the shower for an ultra fast and convenient wash & go! The difference between the Balm, the Souffle and the Fixer is mainly in their textures and hold level: the Balm is a soft hold cream, the Souffle is a medium hold gel, the Fixer is a strong hold gel.

  • Curlsmith Miracle Shield South AfricaCurlsmith Miracle Shield South Africa
  • Out of Stock

    Super lightweight leave-in spray perfect to refresh curls, moisturize and bring them back to life in between washes.


    Protein-enriched 3in1 leave-in, rinse-out and deep conditioner

  • curlsmith shape-up aqua gel south africacurlsmith shape-up aqua gel south africa

    Weightless protein-enriched gel

  • Curlsmith Shine Conditioner South AfricaCurlsmith Shine Conditioner South Africa Out of Stock

    Lightweight fragrance-free rinse-out conditioner that boosts vibrancy and shine and makes hair smooth and silky