Clarifying (Cleansing Shampoo)

Use a deep cleansing shampoo to remove buildup from the hair. A clarifying shampoo helps restore shine and bounce to curls by removing residue, but should not be used more than once every week or two, since it is more stripping than gentle shampoos.

    • Bounce Curl South AfricaBounce Curl South Africa Out of Stock

      A complete wash & style kit for curly hair. This money-saving kit contains the following travel size products:

      • Bounce Curl Gentle Clarifying Shampoo (2 oz)
      • Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner (2 oz)
      • Avocado clump & define cream (2 oz)
      • Light Hold Gel (2 oz)
    • Bounce Curl South AfricaBounce Curl South Africa clarifying shampoo

      Bounce Curl Level 1 Light Moisture (For daily use)

      Pomegranate & Pumpkin Enzyme Gentle Clarifying shampoo thoroughly cleanses all hair types & gives hair light moisture.

      • Gently cleanses hair the most out of the 3-moisture-level shampoo system.
      • Pomegranate & Pumpkin Enzymes can revitalize the scalp.
      • Foam/Suds/Lather-High
      • Packed with organic black seed oil, enzymes, pro-vitamin B5, biotin, rosemary, nobilis flower & many more herbal plant extracts & scientifically-made ingredients that can boost hair bounce.


      100% Oil Scent. Revitalizing citrus aroma creates a sense of well-being that can permeate spirit, mind, and body.

    • Bounce Curl South Africa Turmeric Hair Detox Mask

      Did you know that your conditioner and other hair products can build up over time on your hair and scalp? Most conditioners have a cationic ingredient which sits in the pores of the hair to create soft hair. This builds up over time and can leave hair with less volume and even affect how other hair products might work.  A hair detox can rid hair of suffocating buildup while nourishing the scalp. That is why we created our Hair Detox mask!

      Turmeric Hair Detox Mask has a jelly-like consistency with antioxidant ingredients such as organic apple cider vinegar, charcoal, turmeric, & green tea that will help remove buildup from hair. Use as a bi-weekly or monthly treatment.

      • Apple cider vinegar is known to restore the natural pH of the acid mantle, which then can calm the outer layer of hair. This can flatten the cuticle, resulting in hair that shines! Hair will be less prone to tangling and hair frizz will be reduced.
      • Bounce Curl Hair Detox Mask can be used on a dry scalp for 15 minutes prior to washing hair or used as a full hair & scalp detox.
      • Apple cider vinegar is known to have natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, which makes it pretty effective in blasting away and preventing flake-causing yeast on the scalp.
    • giovanni eco chic 50:50
      • Balances the art of clean with moisture and protection
      • Gentle enough for every day
      • Adds moisture and manageability
      • Hydrating botanical extracts smooth frizz
      • Leaves hair perfectly pH balanced and clean
      • Ideal for overworked, environmentally stressed hair
      • Lauryl and laureth sulfate free
    • giovanni 2chic shampoo
      • Transport your senses as you lather in softness, manageability and glossy radiance
      • Smooth every strand
      • With Brazilian Phyto-Keratin and Moroccan Argan Oil
      • Seduce with shine
      • Banish frizz
      • Discover ultra-sleek vibrancy
      • Safe for colour treated hair
      • Lauryl and laureth sulfate free
    • Giovanni Biotin & Collagen South Africa

      for all hair types

      • Nicely lathers and deeply cleanses for a beautiful shine
      • Naturally helps strengthen and improve hair texture
      • Infuses deep hydration into each strand for frizz control
      • Vegan friendly

      Great hair starts here! Help strengthen your tresses with Vitamins that embrace each strand, while Collagen and Biotin work together to help thicken and smooth each hair. leaving an incredible hair texture. Transform your tresses while restoring and providing the consistency needed to finally achieve full volume.

      Silky and healthy-looking hair never looked this beautiful.

    • Giovanni Curl Habit South Africa

      *PLEASE NOTE: This product contains sodium coco-sulfate and is therefore not approved if you are strictly following the Curly Girl Method

      for all curl types

      • Nicely lathers to protect hair’s natural oils
      • Infuses deep hydration for frizz control
      • Naturally helps improve curl texture
      • Restores without weighing curls down
      • Laureth sulfate-free
    • R295.00
      • For All Hair Types
      • Contains Botanical Oils of Cooling Peppermint, Conditioning Rosemary and Clarifying Eucalyptus
      • Beauty from the Elements is Chic on the Streets
      • Increases scalp circulation for a refreshed, renewed feel
      • Strengthens hair with a three-organic-oil-blend to stimulate, condition and clarify
      • Alleviates dry, flaking scalp with organic tea tree botanicals
      • Lauryl and laureth sulfate free
    • R450.00

      for all hair types

      • Cleanse and moisturize in one easy step
      • Strengthen and protect hair from damage
      • Cedarwood for a fresh and clean scent
      • Laureth sulfate-free
      • Color-Safe
      • Vegan-Friendly
    • Giovanni Hair Care
      • Increases volume in limp, lifeless hair
      • Cleans and adds weightless bounce
      • Strengthens thin, fragile hair
      • Protects fine hair from damage while building body
      • Lauryl and laureth sulfate-free
      • Colour-Safe
      • Vegan-Friendly
    • R275.00
      • Ideal for Clarifying
      • Scalp & follicle-focused holistic formulation
      • Soothes dry & itchy scalp
      • Strengthens hair roots
      • Deep Nourishment for Healthy Hair
      • Mild formula will not strip or change hair colour
      • Lauryl and laureth sulfate free
      • For All Hair Types
      • Scalp & Follicle-Focused Holistic Formulation
      • Soothes Dry & Itchy Scalp
      • Strengthens Hair Roots
      • Wellness System Shampoo with Chinese Botanicals and Eco Chic Technology
    • Mielle Pomegranate & Honey Detangling ShampooMielle Pomegranate & Honey Detangling Shampoo Out of Stock

      Mielle’s Pomegranate & Honey Moisturizing and Detangling Shampoo uses fresh ingredients like honey and babassu oil to lift dirt and oil from your hair while preserving much needed moisture. This shampoo works into a luxurious lather and has an amazing scent. Nothing works better at loosening tangles and adding slip. This sulfate-free shampoo is an absolute must for your healthy hair collection.

      Key Benefits:

      • Provides silky slip
      • Pre-detangles thick, curly hair
      • Cleans without stripping away moisture
    • Out of Stock

      Nourish and cleanse dry, weak, or brittle hair with this scalp-tingling hair strengthening shampoo!

      • Infused with biotin
      • Gently cleanses and protects hair
      • Smells great!

      Mielle’s Rosemary Mint Strengthening Shampoo was developed to gently cleanse your hair while providing key nutrients. With hair strengthening biotin and certified organic ingredients such as coconut and babassu seed oil, you can bring weak or brittle hair back from the brink. Not only does this strengthening shampoo feels and smells great, but it also provides intense moisture for all hair types along with unrivaled slip. A little goes a long way with this hair strengthening shampoo, which works great in concert with our Rosemary Mint Strengthening Hair Masque!

    • MoroccanoilMoroccanoil
      For all hair types

      Infuse dehydrated, dry hair with much-needed moisture. Moroccanoil® Hydrating Shampoo conditions hair with argan oil, Vitamins A and E and moisturizing red algae—for hair that looks and feels healthier. This moisturizing shampoo is gentle enough for daily use and provides optimal hydration for both normal and coloUr-treated hair. Increase your hair’s manageability, smoothness and shine. ColoUr-safe. Sulfate-free, phosphate-free and paraben-free.


      The Nº.4C Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo, infused with patented OLAPLEX Bond Building Technology is our exclusive Broad-Spectrum Clarifying System. The Nº.4C Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo removes damaging impurities from the surface of the hair without stripping or drying.

    • Out of Stock

      Introducing Olaplex’s 4P Bond Maintenance Purple Shampoo, an update on the No 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo with hardworking purple toner that will leave blondes three times brighter than regular purple shampoos. Infused with patented Olaplex’s Bond Building Technology, this customisable toning shampoo strengthens, softens, and neutralises unwanted yellow tones for brighter, more manageable hair.

    • Paul MitchellPaul Mitchell

      Whether you wake up and wash or cleanse before bed, this award-winning shampoo will transform your routine. Infused with organic, cold-pressed argan oil and succulent aloe vera, it gently cleanses hair and scalp with a refreshing, sulfate-free (without SLS, SLES, ALS) lather that results in shinier, bouncier, healthier-looking hair.

      Handcrafted with sustainably sourced ingredients of 83% natural origin that deliver professional results in recyclable,* bio-based** packaging made from sugarcane, it’s a daily glow-up that’s both clean and green.

    • Paul MitchellPaul Mitchell


      Crafted to replenish dry, thirsty hair, Paul Mitchell® Clean Beauty gently cleanses with a sulfate-free (without SLS, SLES, ALS) lather that leaves hair soft and healthy-looking. Infused with organic olive and oat peptide to nourish scalp and hair, it helps to restore moisture balance.

      Handcrafted with sustainably sourced ingredients of 77% natural origin that deliver professional results in recyclable,* bio-based** packaging made from sugarcane for good hydration with good vibes.

    • R295.00

      Pearlized formula glistens in your hand and transforms hair into a silky palette. Lather and glow while prepping for your best style.

      • Luxurious lather soothes dry, chemically processed hair
      • Cleanses gently for manageable smoothness
      • Calms unruly hair to alleviate frizz
      • Increases shine while smoothing dry or damaged hair
      • Lauryl and laureth sulfate free
    • curlsmith scalp detox kit Out of Stock

      Hair is the new skin

      Healthy, beautiful-looking hair starts at the scalp. Our Scalp Recipes blend kitchen cupboard staples with natural science, making the best products to regulate your Microbiome and create the perfect environment for hair follicles.

      The Microbiome is our skin’s natural shield. It protects from pollution, external agents and environmental damage. It rebalances the scalp and creates the optimal environment for hair follicles with Pre-Biotics, Pro-Biotics and Post-Biotics. Pre-Biotics are nutritive compounds that feed the ‘good bacteria’ on the scalp and fortify the skin’s microbiome. Pro-Biotics are ‘good bacteria’, micro organisms that strengthen skin’s natural barrier and control the microbiome. Finally post-biotics are the beneficial extracts produced by ‘good bacteria’. They are key to regulating the skin’s microbiome.

      Bundle Value: R1,860

      Save 18%

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      Just To Clarify, Sulphate Free, Clarifying Shampoo is your go-to for removing build-up and restoring the life of your curls! Formulated with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, 4 essential oils and Amla Extract, this incredible product will help to detoxify your hair and scalp. Leaving you with bouncier, healthier curls!

    • R320.00

      Just To Clarify, Sulphate Free, Clarifying Shampoo is your go-to for removing build-up and restoring the life of your curls! Formulated with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, 4 essential oils and Amla Extract, this incredible product will help to detoxify your hair and scalp. Leaving you with bouncier, healthier curls!