Gentle Cotton Curl Towel

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Finally, your very own curl towel that can be proudly hung in your bathroom.

• More lightweight and gentle than the old t-shirt you’re currently using, meaning less moisture sucked from your curls.

• With slight elasticity, making it easier to tie snugly.

Reduces drying time  Amplifies curl formation


Our NEW Curl Towel helps increase curl definition and remove excess water without creating frizz. Unlike the traditional terry towel, which absorbs all moisture from hair, the lightweight texture of the Curl Towel absorbs only excess water, leaving your hair hydrated, smooth and cared for.

The Curl Towel absorbs excess water only so curls can retain maximum hydration. Great for encouraging curl formation on loose waves too.



1️⃣ Lay the towel on a flat surface

2️⃣ Lower head into the middle with curls bundling on top of each other

3️⃣ Twist the ends on either side of your head

4️⃣ Tie to secure around the back of your head

High porosity curls should leave the towel on for 15 mins. For fine textures and loose curls it can left on for 2 hours or more.



Best hand washed to retain softness, but can be machine washed on a gentle, cool cycle.

• Cotton Lycra blend

• Approx: 95 x 55 cm


Proudly produced and manufactured in South Africa by The Curl Collective.

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Cream, Light Grey, Black, White

1 review for Gentle Cotton Curl Towel

  1. Robyn

    I bought the Gentle Cotton Curl Towel…
    As a curly girl who is not quite ready to fully embrace my curls, I often wear my hair curly/wavy post wash, but then straighten the next day.
    I have always had problems with frizz and fly-aways ????, even when my hair has been straight.
    I have used the gentle cotton curl towel for 5 washes now, the ONLY change to my hair wash routine, and it has made SUCH a difference to my frizz/fly-aways problem! I don’t even need to use a smoothing serum any more.
    Just WOW!

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