Skala Divino Potao (Divine Curls) 2 in 1, 50g


Transition Hair | Super Curly and Curly Hair

Divine Curls was especially designed for those who may be going through hair transition process. It puts an end to frizz, moisturizes, revitalizes dull hair, provides great volume and shapes your curls perfectly with no residue.

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Vegetable oils, Castor oil: prevents hair loss by making it stronger.

Argan oil: full of fat acids.

Vegetable keratin: divine moisturizing action can restore hair damaged structure.
Vegetable collagen: Vegetable protein full of aminoacids, it promotes hydration.

Vitamin E: ultra repair and glow.


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Skala Divino Potao (Divine Curls) 2 in 1, 50g

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