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    Hair is the new skin

    Healthy, beautiful-looking hair starts at the scalp. Our Scalp Recipes blend kitchen cupboard staples with natural science, making the best products to regulate your Microbiome and create the perfect environment for hair follicles.

    The Microbiome is our skin’s natural shield. It protects from pollution, external agents and environmental damage. It rebalances the scalp and creates the optimal environment for hair follicles with Pre-Biotics, Pro-Biotics and Post-Biotics. Pre-Biotics are nutritive compounds that feed the ‘good bacteria’ on the scalp and fortify the skin’s microbiome. Pro-Biotics are ‘good bacteria’, micro organisms that strengthen skin’s natural barrier and control the microbiome. Finally post-biotics are the beneficial extracts produced by ‘good bacteria’. They are key to regulating the skin’s microbiome.

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