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No more guesswork. All our products adhere to the rules of The Curly Girl Method.

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Commonly Asked Questions

The CGM* is a method of caring for your waves, curls or coils in order to achieve healthy and beautiful hair.

It calls for cutting out of silicones, waxes, mineral oils and parabens. When you see a product described as “Curly Girl Approved” or CGA, this means the products are free from those ingredients and therefore safe to use with the method.

To find out your hair type, take our QUIZ.
It’s important to understand your hair’s porosity more than your curl pattern.

If you’re completely new to the Curly Girl Method, we recommend The Starter.
We’ve taken the guesswork out completely by providing a step-by-step system with products curated for your hair type. The complete box costs R475 and includes 6 trial sized products (50ml each), 4x crocodile styling clips, shower cap, product instructions and a step-by-step guide.
To find out your hair type, take our QUIZ:

If you’ve already started the method and want to explore different products to find which works best for you, we recommend you build-your-own with The Explorer, where you can choose different products to try. The box costs from R100 depending on the products you select, and includes a minimum of 3 trial sized products.

For guidance, or any other questions, we would love to help! You can contact us on or 082 803 0133.

Build your own box of trial size (50ml) products to try.

Choose 3-7 products to add to your box.

For ease of use, you can search for products according to brand name, hair type, product type, and products that contain protein. Please tick to select which categories you’d like to search.
You can also click on the image of the product to see a pop up with further product information.

Build Your Own Box of 50ml Trial Sized Products

  • Minimum 3 products
  • Maximum 7 products

* All Products offered are strictly Curly Girl Method Approved.

As all products and hair types differ, we cannot accurately determine the exact amount of uses.

However, we estimate that on average you will be able to try the product at least 1-2 times, or possibly more for shorter or less dense hair types.

By this time you will be able decide if you want to purchase the full size products safe in the knowledge that it works for your hair!

As the products have been repackaged, the labels show only the product name but do not show ingredients or directions.

You can find all the information for each product here.